What would you do for love or money?

Before I remarried, I had a short relationship with a very wealthy man.  He was uber-hot in looks, extremely wealthy by his family ties to a major player in the soft drink beverage market, and he was known in the racing world.

Early on, he seemed almost like a knight in shining armor, but, as in any relationship, true colors start to shine through.  Suddenly I was looking at a man who seemed to be so entitled and was almost ordering me around.

Even the fact that I was a struggling single mother was not enough to cause me to sacrifice my self respect in any way.

When I read a clip about a woman who is staying with her cheating spouse because she needs his money, it made me ill.  I can’t imagine being in a situation that would even warrant my staying.

Would you stay in a relationship for money?  If so, how can this type of sacrifice be justified?

I feel bad for those who have to make such a tough decision and would really like to understand just what it is that makes them stay.

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