You Are Not Too Late – Four Valentine’s Day Resolutions That Will Rekindle Your Relationship

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that’s meant to ignite the sparks of a relationship or fan the flames. Sometimes, however, your relationship needs more than just one day of extra attention and TLC. You should use Valentine’s Day as an inspiration for long-term positive changes in your relationship, but you don’t have to start on February 14. Make these resolutions right now.

Plan a Weekly Date

Oftentimes people grow apart in relationships because busy schedules make it difficult to spend quality time together. As you get comfortable in a relationship, you start to let other things take precedent. Resolving to have a weekly date can do wonders to rekindle your relationship. Both of you should agree on a time of the week that you can devote to each other and nothing else. Ideally, this would be an entire morning or evening, but even just an hour or two can make a huge difference. Schedule it into your calendar, and remember that it is an appointment that cannot be canceled or rescheduled. Use this time to talk to each other or get in bed together.

Notice the Little Things

One resolution you can make is to be more cognizant of the little things that are great about your relationship and your significant other. We tend to take those little things for granted. For example, remember what a big help it is that your partner irons your shirt for you each morning, buys the type of cereal you like, and watches your favorite shows with you on TV. Make it a point to look for those little things, and then be sure to thank your partner for them, too.

Be More Affectionate

Affection is so important to making people feel loved in a relationship. Some people are more affectionate than others, but resolving to make even just a little bit more physical contact can really ignite that spark that you’re missing. Before you rush out the door for work, make sure you hug and kiss your partner. The next time you’re watching a movie, hold their hand or cuddle them. Kiss them on the cheek at random times throughout the day, like if you pass each other in the kitchen. Touch them on the knee when they’re talking to you. Physical contact is necessary.

Give More Compliments

Sometimes a relationship starts to wane because one or both partners feel they aren’t appreciated by the other. Make a resolution to give more compliments to your significant other on a regular basis. Compliment them on things you usually don’t or don’t often enough, such as a delicious dinner, beautiful eyes, how hard they work, and so on. This will make your partner feel good, and it will most likely inspire them to return a compliment, which will only help to rekindle the relationship because both of you will feel more appreciated. Also, say, “I love you,” more.

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