From Trash to Treasure – Wall Decor

Over the years, I have picked up bits and pieces at rummage sales, auctions and little junk shops. Thanks to my addiction to Pinterest, I spent one weekend painting, crafting and piecing together a new wall display in our dining area.

I didn’t get a true “Before” picture and by the time I remembered, some of the previous pictures had been removed. But this will give you a general idea of what the wall looked like before.

dining room beforeI was in the process of removing items, picking up things around the room and gathering them in one spot to begin working on the new display.

pinterest inspired - repurposed old window

pinterest inspired - repurposing picture

With an old window, a pair of shutters a couple of pictures and some crafting, the old wall took on a new life.

We moved the table to the kitchen and brought the smaller table in to give us more room where needed – when all was said and done, this is what I ended up with.

dining room after

I love this area of the house now. It’s so cozy and warm feeling.

More on what went into the making of this display, coming up.

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