It’s a Man Bashing Kinda Day – my husband pissed me off!

Writing is usually a form of personal therapy that allows me to deal with things that bug me. I’ve been bugged for a couple of days now and in attempt to make myself feel a little better – I have carefully assembled this collection of MAN BASHING Quotes and boy! do I feel better :)

disclaimer: this is not directed at all men – just my husband – love him, just don’t like him much right now.

If you have a quote you’d like to add, drop it in the comment section – I’d enjoy having you participate :)


A boy makes her woman jealous of other beautiful girls. A Real Man makes beautiful girls jealous of his woman.

Next time you say “women belong in the kitchen” keep in mind that’s where all the knives are ; )

There will never be true equality until men have to wear jockey shorts with under-wires that lift and separate.

Men aren’t dogs. Dogs are sweet, loyal, and love you unconditionally. They’re more like cats. Roam everywhere and only come home when they want something.

Men! Now there’s one thing duct tape can’t fix.

Men are proof that women can take a joke.

Ladies, we’ve been lied to! They said “women mature faster than men” this lead us to assume men would ACTUALLY mature someday. Not!

I don’t need a man to solve my problems – I just need one that won’t become a problem.

I know one thing about men. When you stop worrying about what they’re doing, they start wondering what your doing.

Dear Men,if you are going to criticize a woman’s figure or any other aspect of her appearance please make 100% sure that you are Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp.

Dating service: your application has been rejected due to answer #6-what do u want in a man? A bullet is not an acceptable answer.

Thinks men should come with side affect warning…

Behind every smart, successful woman is a man that doesn’t know what the hell is going on.

Men should be tagged like cattle…Green for single, Red for taken and flashing for dumbass.

Translating male speak. “I can’t find it” actually means, since it did not just fall into my outstretched hands i have no clue where it could be.

Real men will promise you nothing, but give you everything.

Girls when it comes to guys – 1 Rule Applies: Don’t Chase, Just Replace.

Lord, please let me remember that not all men are scum sucking pigs..

A man should know when not to push your buttons… but then again they should know how to use their brain as well… yeah not likely!

Really feeling the need to teach people how to breathe under water today

Feels the need to reach out and touch someone today… a 2×4 should do the trick.

Today is brought to you by the letters W, T and F

Was not born with enough middle fingers to make it through today.


There – that feels a little better!

Do you have anything to add?

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  1. Caleb S says:

    You are making comments about men being stupid and immature, yet what is so mature about you saying these things. This “male bashing” is immature and makes you look like a horrible person. Even though you said in the disclaimer that this isn’t directed towards all men, yet these comments all seem to be directed towards all men.

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