Remembering Maggie – My little Princess puppy of 11 years

It’s been 17 days since I had to say goodbye to my Maggie. My beautiful, very unique, mutt puppy that I found on the side of the road 11 years ago. The stolen rescued puppy I’ll never forget the day I found her – I could barely see her, she was so tiny. I stopped to pick her up and went door-to-door at a row of homes, trying to find her owner. There was an […] Read the Full Article »

Mosquitoes – How To Stop Them From Getting You

Mosquitoes are annoying, nasty little insects that bug us to no end. Especially in the summer months, they cause many itchy, annoying bites, and their bites hurt, too! Not only are they irritating, but mosquitoes can also carry the deadly West Nile virus or malaria. Here are some ways you can stop mosquitoes from getting you. Wear Insect Repellent When you’re outside, insect repellent is an excellent defense against mosquitoes. While you can take many […] Read the Full Article »

Feds Reverse Approval on Palcohol

When I heard about Palcohol on the early morning new, I could not believe something that could be so dangerous could even be considered for the marketplace. In fact, someone on the news made the comment that Palcohol could even be snorted. How insane is that? I was so glad to hear the Feds reversed their decision and withdrew that approval they had given in an obvious error. I had to wonder how a person […] Read the Full Article »

5 Cool Kitchen Gadgets for Cooking

When it comes to cooking, there are plenty of newfangled gadgets out there that can make the job easier. Some of them allow you to multitask, some allow you to do things quicker, and some are just plain cool. Rather than forcing yourself to cook the old fashioned way—you know, with a stove or oven—why not invest in one of these five nifty gadgets to simplify your cooking. 1. The Power Pot You never know […] Read the Full Article »

First Aid for Bug Bites-How to Keep the Itch Down

Getting bitten by a bug, no matter what kind it is, can be painful and irritating. The initial bite can hurt, and the lingering bite can irritate your skin causing it to itch. Most of the time, an itchy bug bite will cause you to scratch at it, but this will only further irritate your skin and make the bite take longer to heal. If you really want to cure an itchy bug bite, then […] Read the Full Article »