11 Awesome Apps to Make This Valentine’s Day the Best Ever

Love is in the air. It’s almost Valentine’s Day. Are you ready? Regardless of what your plans are, if you have a Smartphone, there are plenty of great apps you can download to make the holiday of love all the more enjoyable. These Valentine’s Day apps will help you prepare for a romantic evening and make the most of the special holiday. Check out this collection of apps we’ve found for couples and singles.

hearts2  Love-O-Matic

Are you going out with a new date this year for Valentine’s Day? Or are you in a serious, long-term relationship? How do you really know if the two of you are compatible? The Love-O-Matic is a free, entertaining app that will give you the answer. Just enter each of your names, and this app will tell you how right for each other you really are with a percent score. Then, share your results on Facebook.


Red Stamp App

hearts2  Red Stamp

Voted Best of the Web by InStyle Magazine and featured in the New York Times, The Today Show, MSNBC, CBS Early Show, and more. Email, text, tweet, Facebook, Instagram and paper mail personalized photo cards, notes, and invitations + announcements right from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
Snap a photo + share the gratitude of great gifts as they are being opened. Give your host instant gratification on a well-thrown party as you head out their door. Mail fresh, modern, expertly designed invitations, announcements and cards to your list of 1 or 189 in mere minutes. With just a couple of clicks, Red Stamp will print a high-end, eco-friendly paper card and mail it directly to your list of recipients, postage included.


hearts2  Love Quotes and Sayings

Want to inspire your relationship and spark the romance? Then this is the perfect app for you!

This amazing app gives you hundreds of romantic love quotes from men and women from all walks of life and from all ages — from William Shakespeare to Victor Hugo, Elizabeth Barrett Browning to Helen Keller, Henry David Thoreau to Ralph Waldo Emerson. Read what they have to say about Love. And enjoy it! Now, you can put a romantic love quote in a romantic love letter to your partner, send them a love quote via text message as a surprise during a tough day, or call their voicemail and leave a love quote message.


hearts2  Personal Love Cards – Valentine’s Day Edition

If you want to send valentines to all your loved ones, this app will help you do it with ease. You can download this app and create customized cards. Select from 50 different cards, and input your own personal message. You can position and design the text any way you like. Then, send them to all your friends and family to brighten up their Valentine’s Day.


Lets Date App

hearts2  Let’s Date!

Being dateless on Valentine’s Day can be exciting, or miserable, depending on how you look at it. If you fall in the latter camp of singledom blues, try out the free iPhone dating app Let’s Date.

By connecting to your Facebook account (it won’t show up on your News Feed or post statuses), you can set up a mini profile that includes your picture and a couple of your interests. Then, anonymously browse through other profiles and click ‘Let’s Date’ on the ones that interest you. If someone you like clicks ‘Let’s Date’ on your picture, too, then you found a match.


hearts2  PlentyOfFish – Free Online Dating

Wish you had a date for Valentine’s Day? Why not try Internet dating? Lots of people make great connections online, so download the free PlentyOfFish app and try it for yourself. With a free PlentyOfFish account, you can browse profiles, send and receive messages, and find local singles near you. There are more than 30 million members. You just might find a special someone to celebrate with.


hearts2  Slots of Love – Romance Ideas & Tips

If you’re not too creative, but are looking for a great way to impress your significant other on Valentine’s Day, this app will help. It costs $0.99, and it will suggest all sorts of great, romantic ideas that will help you show your affection. You can browse ideas for men and women, and you can filter ideas by how much you’re willing to spend and how much time you have. Perfect for planning an amazing day.


hearts2  The Love Dare – Day By Day

Love is a choice. A daily choice. And this application is a daily reminder of how it’s done . . . and done well. From the writers of the New York Times #1 best seller, The Love Dare, comes this daily devotional taking the original experience to the next level. This 30-day edition is designed to challenge husbands and wives to understand and practice unconditional love. Whether your marriage is hanging by a thread or is healthy and strong, this is a powerful journey you need to experience. If taken to heart, it could change your marriage . . . and your life.


hearts2  Open Table

Making Valentine’s Day dinner reservations at the 11th hour used to be a game of luck. OpenTable, however, eliminates the frantic calling and checking by letting you know what’s available at a glance. Search through more than 15,000 restaurants across the U.S., Canada, and U.K. to find the perfect spot for two. You can even earn points toward “Dining Checks” that are good at any OpenTable restaurant.


hearts2  Gravy

Everyone is using Gravy to make plans for tonight, this weekend, or an upcoming trip. This popular app shows you the most relevant event ideas based upon your mood. Open up the app to find something unique and special to do that you didn’t even know about. Discover amazing local events — live music, date night ideas, performances, sporting events, 10K runs, happy hours, kids’ activities, meet-ups, places to hang out, just about everything. Jump in and ramp up your fun now.


hearts2  Shuttersong

And for last-minute Valentine’s Day cards, Shuttersong, a free app for iOS devices, lets people send audio-enabled photos instantly via text, email and social networks.
Shuttersong has teamed up with the American Greetings to provide virtual Valentine’s Day cards that can be personalized with a voiceover or music clip. A pack of 10 cards costs $1.99 and can be used an unlimited number of times.


Chemical Hazards In The Home

Experts have tested the dust in people’s homes to see what toxic chemicals are covering the things we use every day. You would be shocked to realize that we are exposed to a lot of really awful chemicals without ever opening a bottle of cleaning product.

Chemicals are used more and more in the manufacturing of products including children’s toys, carpeting and laminates, mattresses, computers, fabric covered furniture, plastics.

Many of these chemicals are known to be hazardous, but are allowed to be added because someone has decided that they stay within safe limits of exposure.

Unfortunately, the safe limits don’t guarantee that they are safe because the regulatory system doesn’t take environment into account. We have to do our own research to decide what is safe in our own homes.


This is a term that means our bodies store toxins and as they accumulate they become even more harmful to us. There haven’t been enough studies done on the long term effects on our health of exposure to all these chemicals. We do know that some mimic hormones, others are harmful to our reproductive and immune systems. Many are carcinogens. Even products that are stable at first can start to break down and end up adding to the dust that gets in our lungs.

Toxic Homes

Our homes are filled with chemicals in commonly used household cleaners. The dangers are not just from accidentally ingesting one of them. Sometimes just breathing them is bad enough. We should all store cleaners outside of our living space so we aren’t exposed to them unnecessarily.

Some of the most harmful toxins are in the laundry room or even sometimes under the kitchen sink. Most cleaning products contain petrochemical solvents that dissolve dirt. The fumes and residue from these products have permeated our homes.

The average home has between three and 25 gallons of toxic materials in it, most in the form of cleaning products. 150 of the chemicals commonly found in homes are linked to allergies, birth defects, asthma, and psychological abnormalities.

Experts say that the toxic chemicals we are exposed to in household cleaners are three times more likely to cause cancer than air pollution!

Children are at a higher risk to the dangers of chemicals because their immune systems are not fully developed and their bodies are so small that it takes less to make them sick. They are also at greater risk of developing allergies from repeated exposures.

Laundry detergent is full of toxic chemicals that leave a residue in your clothes and bedding and is absorbed through your skin. They can cause itchy rashes, allergies, sinus problems.

Chlorine bleach is another one that we shouldn’t be touching or breathing. Some researchers say that chlorine is the number one cause of breast cancer.

We can all benefit from ridding our homes of the toxic cleaning products and finding healthier ways to clean. Pinterest is full of great ideas for using things like baking soda, fresh lemons, and vinegar.

If you are on Pinterest – be sure to hook up with me – I like to spend my free time browsing around Pinterest when I actually have free time.

Stranger Danger – What Your Kids Need To Know

Mug Watch - Tracking Sex Offenders From Arrest to Conviction

This post is in support of the efforts of MugWatch.org. More on MugWatch at the end of this post

“Stranger danger” is an important topic of discussion. Beginning when your children are very young, you need to begin talking to them about strangers. Here are some things they should know and how you can approach the topic in a constructive manner.

Who are Strangers?

In order to teach your kids about stranger danger, it’s most important that you teach them exactly who strangers are. The word “stranger” is elusive, and it generally conjures up images of scary, menacing figures. Your kids need to be taught that a “stranger” is anyone they or you don’t know very well or at all, and that they can look like anyone. It’s difficult to tell if a stranger is good or bad just by looking at them. It’s important to stress, however, that most strangers are not bad.

Which Strangers are Safe?

Your children should know that people like police officers, firefighters, teachers, and librarians are safe strangers that can help them if needed. If your child needs help, like if they’re lost or don’t know anyone nearby, they should try to ask a safe stranger to help. If they don’t see a safe stranger, they should ask any stranger, but preferably a woman with children. They should always go to a public place with lots of people to ask for help from someone.

When are Strangers Dangerous?

You should go over common dangerous scenarios with your children. Let them know that an adult should never ask a child for help, and they should never go anywhere with a stranger, even if that stranger is a safe stranger. They shouldn’t get in – or even go near – a car with someone they don’t know. They should not talk to or go with any strangers, even if they seem nice or okay. If someone is bothering them, asking them to go somewhere, or following them, they should find a safe stranger to ask for help. If they think they are in danger, they should scream loudly.

Trusting Their Instincts

It’s very important to teach your children to trust their instincts. Let them know that their instincts will guide them, and they should never doubt them. If they have a bad feeling that a safe stranger is dangerous, they should listen to it. If they have any bad feelings about strangers, they should get away from that stranger as soon as possible and ask for help.

Practicing Scenarios

Do some role-playing with your child to reinforce the lessons you’re trying to tell them. Act out different scenarios where you are a stranger, and help your kids practice reacting to different situations, such as being asked to get inside a car. Let them practice screaming loudly, too. In a public place, you can even sit and discuss with your child what they would do if a stranger approached them right there. Where would they go? Who would they ask for help? Help them assess their environment and surroundings.

About MugWatch.Org

Because of my own passion for protecting children from abusers, I started a new blog that is in the earliest, infancy stages – MugWatch.org. I need the help of the armies out there to gather news articles of people who have been arrested for sex offenses and abuse crimes against children. Check it out and if you would like to become an advocate who publishes news pieces and mugshots, let me know. I’d be happy to increase the efforts.

MugWatch was developed because I have personally seen how quietly horrific sex offenders are arrested, bailed out and begin to play the justice system with continuances and delays with excuse after excuse. When an arrest record appears in a small town paper – and most people get their news from Facebook, it’s easy to see how a violent sex offender, released on bond can slip back into society and fly under the radar without their neighbors knowing what horrible monster lives next door.

MugWatch is a place to track those arrests and make those names Googleable. The intention is to post arrest records, mugshots and news surrounding sexual offenders to where they will be searchable by state, area, town/city and name. Readers will have the ability to share those posts through social media to ensure sex offenders know they can no longer fly under the radar.

Because we do believe in fairness – IF a person is found innocent and proof is supplied, ALL posts involving that individual will be updated to reveal that status.

MugWatch will work both ways – but ultimately, the victim is thought of FIRST. If someone is wrongfully arrested, we will make it known. This is to be a system where the victim is NO LONGER victimized and a spotlight is placed on the perpetrator!

Please visit MugWatch – Save and share the page – contribute and check back in often.

Your support is very much appreciated!

Internet Sensations: Best Dog Memes Of 2013

Memes are constantly making their way around the Internet. In fact, it doesn’t seem to take much for a meme to appear, and once created, they quickly find their way in front of millions.

One of the most popular meme genres falls around the use of dogs. Whether they’re heartfelt or funny, dog memes are swimming around the Internet with all the other popular memes. Check out some of the most popular dog memes of 2013.

Happy Dog

If you look closely at a dog, you can often tell when they’re smiling. Getting your dog to smile for a picture may not be an easy task, but when they do, you can use it for a meme, just like this one. The dog in this meme is sitting up so perfectly, with their head held high and a big old grin on their face, and the memes just kept on pouring in about the proud and happy dog.


The unattractive “Ermahgerd” girl meme has made its way across the Internet millions of times, and the whole idea of “ermahgerd” has been used in other locations ever since, including other memes. Instead of using the “ermahgerd” quote for the same unattractive girl, it is also used to express thoughts and ideas for crazy pictures of dogs.

The Beggar

Dogs are notorious for begging. Maybe they’re begging for a treat, to go outside or even for a bite of your food. Either way, they are always right there in your face when they want something. This meme with the dog’s head on the bed begging is the perfect example of how most dog owners wake up in the morning, which is why it’s seen so much success.

Dos Equis Puppy

Years ago, Dos Equis made a name for itself when they created “The Most Interesting Man in the World” commercials. Of course, since then, many people have made parodies of the commercial, and this includes dog memes. This dog meme uses a dog sitting nicely and generates quotes that sound exactly like something the most interesting dog in the world would say.

Smart Dog

People have been dressing their dog up for fun pictures, but when you get your dog to sit in a desk chair and wear glasses, it’s going to be an instant hit in the meme world. The smart dog meme has been hitting the Internet with various sayings, including crunching numbers to not afford a cat to making smart investments in tennis balls.

Dog Shaming

Dogs make mistakes, and owners have started to use their dog’s mistakes to create memes known as dog shaming. In these memes, dog owners write down what the dog did wrong (in first person voice from the dog of course) and place it next to the dog and take a picture. Not only can these memes be found on popular social sites like Pinterest and Facebook, but there’s even an entire website dedicated to dog shaming.