14 Ways to Spend Less and Get Out of Debt Faster

Drink coffee from home.  Stopping for coffee on the way to or from work may be a ritual, but it is a costly one.  Even leaving out the cream and sugar can save you money in a small way. Create a weekly meal plan.  This will eliminate unnecessary grocery purchases, as well as ensure that you get everything on your list the first time.  You will avoid additional trips to the store which usually lead […] Read the Full Article »

Throwback Thursday – Gayla, Trey and Coty Baer – circa 1993

This is one of the last visits we had with my grandpa, Frank Binion, before he passed away the following January. I look back on pictures like this and remember older mothers telling me to enjoy it – that it goes by so fast. At the time, life seemed to drag, but little did I know, they were right. My babies are 21 now – living on their own. They have great jobs and pay […] Read the Full Article »

The RCA Dog – Then and Now

After we lost our Jack Russell mix, Maggie, in early April, our Cocker Spaniel, Effie, became very depressed. A dog is a pack animal and we realized quickly, Effie needed a companion. We began keeping our eye out for a dog that needed a good home – perhaps one who had lost their owner. We were thinking we lost a puppy – and if a puppy lost an owner, it would be a more natural […] Read the Full Article »

74 School Shootings Since Sandy Hook – Why and How Do We Fix It?

I asked this question on my Facebook earlier today to get a feel for what others think. Of course I expected the gun law enthusiasts to speak up – regardless of what side they support. Here’s what I think – Guns Yes, I believe we need gun laws. When the Constitution was written, they were thinking about single shot muzzle loaders – not guns that are capable of shooting a gazillion rounds in 30 seconds. […] Read the Full Article »