Adult ADHD and OCD – A Natural Solution and Adderall Alternative That Really Works!

A few years ago, I was formally diagnosed with ADHD and OCD. At that time, I began taking Adderall. For more than two years, I grew so dependent on Adderall to help me deal with a horrible attention span and extremely low energy. I never felt like I was dependent on it until I decided to forgo prescription medication and try to treat my issues naturally or through simple lifestyle changes. It was a nightmare […] Read the Full Article »

Unwrapping the Wrap and Wrapping Up – The Moment of Truth Has Arrived

The entire Thanksgiving weekend has been so hectic, that when my package from ItWorks arrived on Saturday, I had to set it aside. It was painful to do, because I was anxious to see what all the skinny wrap craze was about. I’ve done so much research into the product line and read so many personal experiences, but me being the “forever skeptic” that I am, I wanted to see with my own eyes and […] Read the Full Article »

An Open Letter to The Parents of Michael Brown

I realize losing a child is never easy, regardless of circumstance. Believe me, my parents lost their son to a terminal illness when he was thirteen. Time does not heal all wounds, but time does offer a bit of clarity in our thought process. I hope and pray that a sense of clarity is able to fall upon you, once the trauma surrounding the recent events have subsided and that you will realize the timeline […] Read the Full Article »

How Did I Get Here?

People are too much work. I’m lonely. I miss having people drop by for dinner. I miss being able to vent. I do feel like the biggest “meanie” on the planet, and I can’t figure out how I got here. I was coping. I was a good mom. I was a social person. I fell in love. We’re great! But sometimes, life just gets so lonely and falls into a painful RUT! Do you ever […] Read the Full Article »

Deadbeat Parents Photos on Pizza Boxes – Now There’s an Idea!

Years ago, my friend Angela and I had discussed how cool it would be if Budweiser would put pictures on beer cans of deadbeat parents! But then again, the only people that would likely see them, and care, are the deadbeats themselves. I’m all for any program that publicly calls out perv’s or people who deny their children child support. What about pictures and stats on pizza boxes? Should people who deny their children child […] Read the Full Article »