Hey Honey, Want to Shop with Coupon Codes Without Looking for Them?

Everyone knows I love to save money. I absolutely can’t stand to pay full price for anything! Having worked as a buyer several years ago, I know what the markup is on most retail. As much as I love saving money though, and try as I might, I just can’t get into the coupon clipping thing. I use CVS.com and make the most of my Extra Bucks. I use Digital Coupons from Dollar General and […] Read the Full Article »

The Hypocrisy of Meryl Streep and Hollywood Elite

I am SO very disappointed in Meryl Streep. For many years, Bridges of Madison County has been one of my favorite movies I’ve owned it on DVD and have kept a recording on DVR for a very long time. There were several other films she’s starred in that ranked among my favorites, but I have absolutely watched my last Meryl Streep film. Meryl was quick to criticize someone for using their position of power and […] Read the Full Article »

Billy T. Binion Obituary

On December 20th my uncle Billy Binion passed away. His grandson Geoffrey messaged me shortly after he passed to let me know so I wouldn’t read it at random on the Internet. When the obituary was published, I was disappointed that no mention of my aunt Hallie (he always called her Poopsie). While he had remarried in the last few years since her passing, he had spent 50 years with her as her husband and […] Read the Full Article »

The ACLU Picked on the Wrong Little Town

The Knightstown Town Council has tabled a resolution that would permanently ban a cross from being displayed on their town square Christmas tree. Workers removed the cross earlier this week after the ACLU filed a lawsuit claiming the Christian symbol violates the First Amendment. It has been a controversial decision, with many neighbors and businesses putting out their own crosses in protest. The town attorney will work with a Christian legal group toward a compromise […] Read the Full Article »

Why a Christmas Cross and Not a Star for Knightstown Indiana?

With all the recent news surrounding Knightstown Indiana and the ACLU lawsuit that forced the removal of our Christmas Cross that sat atop our Christmas tree on the town square, many have questioned the cross and why the town chose a cross instead of the traditional star. The Christmas Cross was handcrafted by a local man and gifted to the town several years ago. It was the acceptance and appreciation of that gift that became […] Read the Full Article »