Your Word is Your Bond – Apparently it’s a black thing now and not a Bible thing

Apparently the biggest issue with the whole Melania Trump/Michelle Obama speech fiasco is with the phrase “your word is your bond.” As MUCH as I am around the Internet – as much as I read/watch the news and stay on top of current events – I NEVER knew the phrase “your word is your bond” is “rooted” in black America, and apparently has a hip-hop history. So to USE that phrase today, in the overly-politically-correct […] Read the Full Article »

The Many Gun Lies of Hillary Clinton – Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid

A friend of mine made this comment about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump: I really feel that neither Hillary or “the Donald” are qualified to be in office. I am leaning towards Hillary at the moment because of her stances on gun control. Donald does not support increased background checks, bans on assault weapons, or independent studies on gun control. I can’t vote for that. To which I responded with the following research finds: Donald […] Read the Full Article »

Tony Schwartz Co-Author of The Art of the Deal is Acting Like a Jealous Child

In an article on The New Yorker this morning, Donald Trump’s “Ghostwriter” tells all. Actually, he’s NOT the ghostwriter, but listed as the co-author (see book cover above) of Trump: The Art of the Deal – Tony Schwartz claims to have helped create the myth and now regrets it. Here are my thoughts: In the height of such a crucial election year, everyone is going to come crawling out of the woodwork seeking their 15-minutes. […] Read the Full Article »

Sharing an emotional response to the Bastille Day attack in Nice France

This morning, a dear friend of mine made a post on Facebook that struck a strong emotional chord with me. I asked his permission to share it because I think it’s worthy of sharing in a way that it won’t get lost in the Facebook archives, or worse, removed by the recent efforts to keep negative comments directed toward Clinton and Obama from gaining ground. Thanks Trent Hitchens for allowing me to share your thoughts. […] Read the Full Article »

Dear America – Wake the EFF UP!

This morning, I read an editorial piece in the Indy Star that was being shared by a few of my Hoosier friends following the announcement that Mike Pence will become the VP pick of Donald Trump. Naturally, being in Indiana and since some of my friends were sharing, I read the article Dear America, this is Mike Pence by Matthew Tully. This is my response: I’m glad Pence rejected the funding. As a former Democrat […] Read the Full Article »