Bobby Jindal: Donald Trump should serve as a wake-up call to the GOP

No longer in the race, Bobby Jindal has watched the political establishment attack and smear Trump… They have called Trump “racist,” “bigoted,” and even shared pictures from his wife’s modeling days. But Jindal has had enough! He has rejected the “Never Trump” movement, and made a bold announcement that he’s standing WITH Trump! “The GOP establishment is done for,” he said on MSNBC’s Meet the Press. “This race shows that.” Jindal believes Trump’s success is […] Read the Full Article »

Has Hell Frozen Over? Well Known Liberal Piers Morgan Endorses Donald Trump

Let’s be honest with ourselves, right now ISIS is winning this war and will continuing committing utter carnage on our streets on an ever graver and more barbaric scale until they are stopped. I don’t have the answers to how to do that. But I don’t hear any good ideas coming from any world leaders at the moment either, and it’s their highly paid jobs to work it out. Instead, I see a global paralysis […] Read the Full Article »

This man is funding Hillary Clinton AND John Kasich

Yeah! Let that sink in for a minute why don’t you? Now, if you have a good argument on why this is happening and why anyone should believe Kasich is anything but a toy, manipulating this entire election process to keep votes from Donald Trump, please explain. Personally I think it’s terrifying! Read the Full Article »

Bernie Sanders Agenda for His First Day in Office

For the life of me, I cannot believe anyone in their right frame of mind would believe Mr. Sanders could pull off all he is promising. To make this as simple as possible, let’s look at car insurance! You have car insurance for years. Never have an accident, yet you keep paying in for that security. Then BOOM, you have an accident and one of two things happen: 1. Your rates go up, WAY up! […] Read the Full Article »

Ted Cruz is trying to tap into the anger that drives Donald Trump supporters! Don’t be fooled.

Has anyone else noticed how Ted Cruz is suddenly sounding a LOT like Donald Trump with his call to HALT Syrian Refugees in the United States? Have you noticed how Ted Cruz is suddenly talking about “building a wall?” I’ve heard whispers about a “less than tasteful” ad that was ran in Utah from one of the “Anti-Trump Super PAC’s” that featured photos of Melania Trump from a photo spread that appeared in G.Q. years […] Read the Full Article »