Hillary’s Beauty Queen Victim Ain’t No Saint

During the Presidential Debate Monday night, Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton told the story of a former Miss Universe who had allegedly been victimized by Republican nominee Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton claimed the 1996 Miss Universe, Alicia Machado was brutalized by Trump after she gained weight during her reign. Trump had just become co-owner of the Miss Universe organization when the alleged verbal abuse occurred. “And he called this woman ‘Miss Piggy.’ Then he called […] Read the Full Article »

Secret Service Pays Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for Travel Expenses

I’ve noticed a few people who have gotten their panties in a wad recently over a recent Newsweek article: Secret Service Paying Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Campaign: Report Since I know most people rarely make it beyond the headline, a picture and hateful comments shared by their buddies on Facebook, I thought I would dig in, do a little fact checking and truth finding on the topic. Here’s what I’ve found: It IS standard practice […] Read the Full Article »

Beware of the Subtle Mind Games of Main Stream Media

A couple of days ago, CNN was running their little ad promoting the debates positioned in the lower right corner of the screen. The ad showed a photo of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, both with an almost ready-to-rumble look on their face. The image was more of a black and white tone, rather than color. I have searched everywhere for the image and it’s nowhere to be found, that Bleachbit stuff must be GOOD […] Read the Full Article »

Hillary Bought the Can of Worms – Mark Cuban Opened It – Trump Evens the Playing Field

Hillary Clinton supporter Mark Cuban has been given a front and center seat at the debates for no other reason than to troll, taunt and intimidate Donald Trump because Hillary Clinton can’t handle Trump on her own. Which also translates in Cuban’s lack of faith in Hillary’s abilities to be Commander and Chief. Perhaps Mark Cuban is the chosen one to be the coaching voice whispering to Hillary in her earpiece. After all, it has […] Read the Full Article »

How Donald Trump Broke All-Time Early Voting Records in Florida Before Voting Begins on Oct 24

We all know Florida is a MUST-WIN state for Donald Trump for him to declare victory in this very critical 2016 election. Yesterday the News Alert Blog reported: Florida Shocker: Republicans Winning By 120,000 Votes In Early Voting. #Trump the FIRST Republican EVER to win early votes in FL! #TrumpPence16. Shortly after I shared the news on Twitter and Facebook, someone kindly pointed out: “The early voting period in Florida begins October 29, 2016 and […] Read the Full Article »