This WAS the year of the angry voter

ANGRY ABOUT THE RESULT OF THE ELECTION? Well join the REST of America! This WAS the year of the angry voter. The media focused on the agenda they were TOLD to focus on and overlooked REALITY and it backfired on them. Your choice candidate LOST because YOU listened to the media! Wikileaks revealed the polls were OVER-SAMPLED. The media focused so much on pushing the fudged numbers and counted on the voters believing them and […] Read the Full Article »

Henry County Indiana – Who I Voted for and Why

I’ve had several local people ask about various candidates that appear on our local ballots and to find out what research I have done and who ultimately won my vote. Here is a quick look at who I voted for and a brief explanation of why… please keep in mind, when it comes to my choices, experience does not always equal ability and I am a firm believer in term limits whether it becomes law […] Read the Full Article »

What the Polls Revealed Last Week

A few days BEFORE Comey’s announcement, most 53% disagreed with the FBI’s decision in July not to indict Clinton for mishandling top secret information. While Clinton, Obama and legislators from both parties have criticized Comey’s announcement before the election, 60% of voters APPROVE of what he did. 60% of Likely Voters believe Clinton broke the law by sending and receiving e-mails containing classified information through a private e-mail server while serving as secretary of State. […] Read the Full Article »

Wikileaks Confirms: Hillary Hates Everyday American’s But She’s Running Because WE Need a Champion

Wikileaks emails hacked from John Podesta, campaign chairman for Hillary Clinton published Tuesday, reveal an exchange between Podesta and Jen Palmieri, Clinton campaign’s director of communications. The two discussed “phrasing” to be used in a speech Clinton gave in New Hampshire in April 2015. Here’s the exchange (see it on Wikileaks here): On Apr 19, 2015, at 4:20 PM, John Podesta <> wrote: I know she has begun to hate everyday Americans, but I think […] Read the Full Article »

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Plantation Politics

A few weeks ago, while watching Hillary’s America, a certain mention caught my attention. It portrayed Barack Obama as a child sitting in a Chicago, Hyde Park Barbershop called Smitty’s. The conversation of “Plantation politics” took place between he and Smitty. I did quite a bit of searching to try to find more information on that particular conversation when I happened on THIS BLOG POST “Obama To Poor Blacks – Stay Poor” written in 2009 […] Read the Full Article »