When Hillary Points a Finger at Donald Trump She Actually Points Three Fingers Back at Herself

New Hillary Clinton attack ad targets Donald Trump for outsourcing the manufacturing of his products featuring a clip of David Letterman. This morning, a friend of mine, Angela F, shared this commercial with me. Throughout the election season, she’s been on the fence on how to vote in the general election. She did state that she voted for Donald Trump in the primaries. There have been a few times that Hillary has said things or […] Read the Full Article »

Hillary just wants to give everyone the same chance to be successful

Keep in mind, I used to be one who believed that statement. I used to be one who believed everyone deserves the same opportunities and that the government should do their part to make that happen. During my time as a Democrat, I really believed that socialism wasn’t about “giving” everyone the same thing, it’s giving everyone the same chance to be successful. Now, just for a minute, think about that statement. Repeat it a […] Read the Full Article »

In Depth Analysis Reveals Trump Will Defeat Clinton in Landslide

The takeaway from the 2012 election, as it relates to 2016, is that Barack Obama was a ONCE in a lifetime type of candidate. The first African-American candidate. He was young. He was fresh and his candidacy embodied the sort of ‘change’ that so many dissatisfied American’s felt following a long war in Iraq and the financial collapse of the U.S. housing market. And despite all that popularity, enthusiasm and African-American turnout, he still only […] Read the Full Article »

Did Hillary Clinton Lie in Her Interview with Chris Wallace?

Hillary Clinton repeatedly denies a MAJOR part of her original statements regarding the Benghazi attack. In her recent interview with Chris Wallace, she DENIED telling family members that the attack was sparked by an anti-Islam video and that it was not an act of terrorism. Here is a bit of the narrative from the Chris Wallace interview along with the actual words from Hillary Clinton at Andrew’s Air Force Base the day the Benghazi victims […] Read the Full Article »

Loving God and Supporting Donald Trump at the Same Time – It is Possible

Recently I found myself in the middle of a Twitter discussion regarding this New York Times video where apparently  reporters have covered Donald Trump’s rallies for more than a year. They report that Trump supporters at these events often express their views in angry and provocative ways. First of all, I’d like to point out they did point out they have covered Trump rallies for MORE than a year and then I’d like to point […] Read the Full Article »